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Financial Sector Experience

Financial Translations – German, French and Dutch into English

We Translate Finance is a new translation initiative designed to bring you the power of 

professional native English-speaking translators who are specialized in finance in all of its different facets. 

We are not an agency – we are a team effort to bring customers only the best native English-speaking translators in Finance.

Ryan Palecek is the initiator of We Translate Finance. He is a financial translator 

specialized in translating financial texts from Dutch, German and French into North American English.

Ryan is a native English speaker and knows about financial texts. He comes to the translation 

business after a 20-year international career in the fields of banking, finance and financial sector regulation.

Thanks to his extensive experience, Ryan understands the content of your source material and is able 

to translate it into fluent, native English, thereby helping you create clarity and understanding among your stakeholders.

Financial Sector Experience


 I have spent 20 years working in banking and finance, and know these fields well. I experienced the financial market crisis (2008-2010), and have faced off with equity, fixed income and hedge fund investors, bank and insurance company executives, actuaries, compliance departments, regulators, and all kinds of consultants. I understand how they work and the demands they place on the information they need.



We Translate Finance aims to price competitively. That means considering all the specificities of a particular project, such as formatting preferences, the form of the source text and any specific requirements regarding the software to be used. Please contact us directly to discuss your project in more detail and to issue a quote. You will receive a swift response.

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Please contact us to discuss how we can help you with your translation needs. Should we not be able to help you, we would be happy to refer you to any number of talented colleagues in this sector.

We Translate Finance

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